Review platforms

What is it?

Review sites are loved and hated among sex workers. It can work great if you have lots of great reviews and you get more customers because of it. And of course, clients should also have the opportunity to warn each other if they've had to deal with extortion, a fake profile, or a sex worker who totally didn't live up to the ad.


What it can mean for sex workers

Unfortunately, there are clients who falsely put sex workers on there out of pure envy. Sex workers are also pressured to provide services (think blowjobs without condoms) to avoid a bad review. When sex workers complain to the review sites, it feels like the power is more with the clients of the review site or advertising platform than with the sex worker. They often feel poorly heard.

Review sites about sex workers are not allowed according to the AVG / Authority for Personal Data. They fall under special personal data because it tells something about someone's sexual life. Thus, the reviews on Hookers are no longer allowed. By the way: to the chagrin of sex workers, the Faker List Kinky's reviews have also been removed, and that was precisely a way for sex workers to increase safety! Kinky has now arranged it in such a way that a sex worker can choose for herself whether to turn reviews on or off. But there are other review sites that now imitate Hookers. Why aren't these sites banned as well?


What can you do?

Have you yourself been wronged by an unfairly nasty review?

Do you feel disadvantaged by the review sites in general? You can request that the AP take action to remove the review sites.

  • Make a report to the AP, the Personal Data Authority:
  • The notification form can be found here.
  • Choose: New Notification
  • Choose: That I inform the AP of a privacy breach
  • Choose: No. I want to make an anonymous report
  • Data breach: No
  • Describe your message: enter your own text
  • Report is about: Other
  • Special Personal Data: Sexual life
  • Name of organization: (here you can mention e.g. a website)
  • Location: unknown
  • Industry: IT industry (if it is about a website)
  • + Shipping
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