What is it?

Stalking is deliberately harassing someone all the time, making that person feel unsafe. Stalking is a crime.


What can it mean for a sex worker?

In the research on Stigma and Violence was reported by 47% of the sex workers interviewed to have experienced stalking. It is often clients who are obsessed with a sex worker or who feel rejected by a sex worker. It can be about annoying contact but also about threats. When it comes to acts, there is often an attempt to make the sex worker's details known on the Internet. Stalking has a great emotional impact.


What can you do?

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  • Do you know who it is? Has he stalked others before?
  • In what way(s) does the stalking occur?
  • Are you afraid the stalker will do something to you? Or is it mostly a nuisance? Does it cause a lot of stress symptoms?
  • How long? The longer the more worrisome.
  • Have you made it clear that it must stop? Once, be very clear and say that you will not respond to any more contact attempts and then stick to it.
  • Is there blackmail involved? Don't give in to a demand. A stalker does not keep his word.


  • Verzamel bewijs, hoe klein ook, documenteer alles via een riscio inventarisatie formulier. Neem gesprekken op, screenshot anything, record actions in a log with date/time.
  • Block A stalker directly on all your social media.
  • Report the stalker at the relevant social media platform. You can also ask your colleagues on the same social media to help you report. How to do that can be found via Google if you type in, "How to report someone on (+ the name of the social media platform).
  • Report the stalker to UglyMugs To alert your colleagues.
  • Consider reporting or filing a police report, as stalking is a criminal offense. If reporting, ask if your name can be anonymized in the report. The police may conduct a stop call (usually by neighborhood police officer).
  • Tip when reporting to the police: find a aid agency for sex workers in your neighborhood and ask them to help you report or file a report. They know the way to the police and that reduces the risk of being turned away again. Also at UglyMugs, they can help think about reporting or reporting to the police.
  • Protect your digital data properly (see tips Always do and  Extra attention).
  • Notify trusted people, especially if you are at risk.
  • Plaats een camera bij je huis als de stalker je adres kent.
  • Talk about it with fellow sex workers. Or meet fellow sufferers online in the Slachtofferhulp Nederland community or call 0900-0101 for support from Slachtofferhulp.


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Maatregelen voor online apparaten van Stopmijnstalker (from Bits of Freedom) (Toolkit from The Good Cause) (Is there maybe stalker software installed on your phone?)