What is it

To use Paypal, all you have to do is open an account with an email address, and link it to your bank account. The other party must also have (or open) an account at Paypal with an email address. So you only need to have an email address from the other party. The account number remains invisible. Your name does not!


What it can mean for a sex worker

In the terms and conditions of Paypal there are conditions that do not directly exclude based on prostitution, but there is a phrase about prohibited activities. Sex work is not prohibited in the Netherlands. But Paypal is an American company. Paypal Europe is based in Luxembourg, and the conditions state that English law applies. So it may be forbidden that way.

In the past, accounts and credit balances have been blocked for people whose deposits revealed the nature of the work. Therefore, to be on the safe side, do not leave too much money on it, you never know if you will get your hands on it.


What can you do

Want to know how you can still use Paypal anonymously for your customers? Send an message to the Advisor.