Social Media
  • Your private Facebook account on your mobile:"Do you know this person" can betray your account to another, simply because you are near each other. So only take your mobile with a work Facebook account. Or don't have Facebook on it at all. You can't turn off this setting (to ignore notifications to you, but not to the other side who might see your profile). By the way, your work account can also give you away to your private acquaintances.
  • Go over all your settings on your social media accounts and set them more strictly. Think about who can read, who can contact you, who can make a friend request. Look at manuals for your accounts
  • Be aware of what you post on social media. Also with photos (something in the background can already give away your location). See also tips on photos.
  • Can you sometimes suddenly not like someone (a fellow sex worker) on social media? A shadowban is by no means unusual. Only the followers see that person anymore.
  • Learn trolls recognize. They are fake accounts, with fake names and fake photos, some of which have many followers but hardly have any followers themselves and hardly post. They may be part of a foreign troll army that wants to destabilize. There is only one rule: Don't feed the trolls. So ignore them. Sit on your hands.
  • It is better to have a screenshot of making a stupid Twitter post and posting it instead of sharing the whole message. The writer is not worthy of being retweeted AND you are only letting the algorithm know that you think it is an interesting post. Stay in your own bubble.


  • Be generous with blocking people you don't like. In your Whatsapp, your social media, your email, the phone calls, you name it. Patience is a virtue but not in sex work. Cut them short, those people who are wasting your time. How? Google on 'block' and where you want to block someone (i.e. your email program, whatsapp, phone, or a particular social media platform). Or for convenience, use a Blacklist app (from the app store).