What is it?

The KvK is the Chamber of Commerce, the commercial register. All companies are registered here. The freelance sex worker needs a KvK number, for example, to rent a window or to open a business bank account.

In conversations with the Chamber of Commerce and a sex work organization it was stated that public access to the Trade Register is an important asset, and that they are the executor of the Trade Register Act, and "if it has to be done differently then it is up to the legislator." It was also said in the media by the Chamber of Commerce "this is how we have been doing it for 100 years". But 100 years ago there were not yet so many ZZP'ers and there was no internet, so now all those (private) data are on the street. So indeed: it is up to the legislator!


What can it mean for a sex worker?

Independent sex workers have little choice but to register with the Chamber of Commerce. Under SBI code (= the business code of the activity you perform) 6909 - Other services, which is where our 'personal services' also fall under. Cosy between the dog walkers and the astrologers.

Being registered is not a problem in itself, but it becomes one as soon as you find out that you cannot shield your address. And we, just like journalists and politicians, would like a little more protection for our data at the Chamber of Commerce.

People often say that it is possible to shield your address, but in practice it is not. That's because with self-employed people your business address is almost always your private address. Even if you submit a request for blocking because you have experienced violence, it sometimes doesn't work. The real solution is an amendment to the Trade Register, until then finding another address as your business address is the only other option.

A solution is being worked on, however, because more and more journalists, politicians, etc. have themselves become inconvenienced by CoC registration.


What can you do?
  • So you should really choose SBI code 9609. But possibly you are doing other self-employment work, and then you better choose to take the SBI code of that other activity, and sex work is your secondary job.
  • Choose carefully a company name that cannot give away a private detail about you. After all, if you wanted to change the name, the old name would still be visible in the history.
  • Try to find an address that you can use as your business address. Perhaps with your accountant, a friend or through a virtual office. This way, your private address is invisible. This is also better when you receive Tikkies or other transfers to your business account. Because without this extra layer of protection, it is easy for the transfer to find your company name and thus your private address at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Have you had problems with the Chamber of Commerce and it wasn't resolved properly? Let it be known to the Complaints desk for sex workers.
  • Read through this page from the Chamber of Commerce to see if you qualify (if there is a likely or actual threat of violence):  Shielding your visiting address. What is possible (kvk.nl).


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