Smart doorbell

  • A smart doorbell has a camera that turns on as soon as you ring a customer's doorbell. The camera can also turn on as soon as motion is detected, i.e., when you walk up. A razor-sharp image is taken of who is at the door, even when it is dark. The images are transmitted to the smartphone. A screenshot can be saved on the mobile phone.
  • Such a doorbell can give the resident more security, but it has privacy concerns. Actually, you should not be filmed without permission, but if the owner has put a sticker by the doorbell that it is a smart doorbell, it means that pressing the bell is an agreement.
  • The video or screenshot taken may not be distributed on the Internet without the permission of the filmed person.
  • You could, if you don't want to press the smart doorbell, choose to give the customer a phone call that you are at the door. You could knock on the door or a window if you don't want to ring the bell. For example, you might hold your hand in front of the camera when ringing the bell, or put a hood over your head, or turn your face away from the camera. That may arouse some suspicion from the customer. And, of course, it doesn't work or works less well with a doorbell that has already jumped on upon movement.


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