Webcam platforms

What is it?

Webcamming is online sex work. You can interact with clients via webcam and you can also sell clips (photo/movies). It was during corona lockdowns a (legal) way to keep working.

It is easy to start, fast enough internet and a good camera has almost everyone. That does not mean that you will make good money right away, you really have to build it up.


What does it mean for sex workers?

Once your images are online they will be for the rest of your life. So you can be outed or blackmailed with it (as ridiculous as that is, because what was the other person doing there?).

Unfortunately, we experienced with OnlyFans that a platform could suddenly be shut down (although this was reversed at the last minute). The underlying problem was that payment providers were applying pressure to ban the explicit sexual content.


What can you do?

Together with SAVE and an experienced webcammer, some tips have been drawn up to limit the damage if a platform suddenly closes its doors to you.

  • Make sure you have as much and as quickly as possible paid out.
  • Make sure your user info is up to date.
  • Spread your risk across multiple platforms.
  • Some users are paid to promote other platforms, so this does not indicate that the platform is good or bad.
  • Check the TOS of the platforms you want to move to, learn what you agree to.
  • Try to move customers to the other platforms. Share a link to linktree with your social media in it.
  • Get your own domain (website) and you can redirect this domain to whatever you want.
  • Spread your risk among other sources of income (think other forms of sex work or other work) if possible.
  • Don't panic. These things happen and never forget how resilient we are.