What is it

With a Tikkie, you can send a payment request to acquaintances. You use an app on your smartphone. It's simple and safe and it works with any Dutch bank account. Especially with sharing a bill in a restaurant it can be handy. Other banks have similar systems, at ING it is called Payment Request.


What it can mean for a sex worker

Independent sex workers who do escort or home receiving sometimes use Tikkie to have clients pay an amount in advance to make sure they keep their appointment. Unfortunately, Tikkie is not anonymous (anymore) for both payer and receiver.


What can you do

Only use Tikkie if you don't mind your real last name or the name of your company being sent along. A common last name is then more pleasant than a rare last name. Or apply for Tikkie business with your Chamber of Commerce registration, then it will come up on your company name. Your company name can be found in the Chamber of Commerce again, and as long as the Chamber of Commerce does not shield your data, your address can be found with it. There are increasing reports of sex workers who work with Tikkies and, as a result, face threats and blackmail.

If you regularly receive Tikkies, the bank may call you to explain why.


Tikkie is very easy to set up via www.tikkie.me


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