What is it?

AVG stands for General Data Processing Regulation. The AVG is derived from European Privacy Law and took effect in 2018.
The law deals with storage, use, and management of privacy-sensitive information within an organization. With the AVG, it doesn't matter whether you are a large company, an SME or a sole trader. The rules apply to all organizations, commercial and non-commercial.
The ultimate goal of the AVG is to give you more control over your own personal data. That's a "work in progress" shall we say.

Basics (sorry, you may find this very boring for a moment)
- Lawfulness, fairness and transparency - The personal data must be processed in a fair way and the other party must know that it is done so neatly.
- Integrity and confidentiality - In this case, by integrity they mean that the data must be properly secured on your computer or mobile.
- Data minimization - Only store and use data that is necessary.
- Delineation of purpose - If you use the data for a particular reason you may not use it for anything else
- Delimitation of the duration of storage - Not store any longer than necessary.

What can you do?

If you are a self-employed sex worker, you naturally also record certain data from the client in order to perform your work, so the AVG also applies to you. That data may be processed without explicit consent.

But there are conditions attached to this:
- The data may be not share with others, only YOU may use them to do your job.
- You need the data safe keeping so they don't end up on the street.
- You have to take the destroy data if they are no longer needed, or if a customer were to request them.

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