What is it?

Screening is checking the details of a potential client. In addition to screening clients, unfortunately sex workers must also be alert to avoid falling into the police trap.


What can it mean for a sex worker?

Safety is one of the most important issues surrounding (the physical form of) sex work. If you are not in a workplace where your safety is provided by the company (think window, club, private house, escort agency) then you are relying on your own skills.

Clients screen just as well; they too can be scammed or blackmailed. But it is unbalanced, sex workers face far more security risks than clients. Moreover, sex workers see far more clients than the other way around. If you ask a client his real name you still don't have to give it to him.

Besides safety, there are other issues that are important, such as fake clients, the 'fakers' who don't show up at homecoming, or who are not at the address given at escort. Also, there are the 'timewasters' the men who demand an enormous amount of time from you, and possibly use the conversation to jerk off on without ever booking you.


What can you do?

Use your intuition:

  • If something is too good to be true, it often is. Someone who doesn't know you yet but immediately wants many hours and offers good money?
  • Someone who is very impatient in the contact, easily burned, may insult you and does not respect your boundaries, would that still be a safe sex contact?
  • Sometimes you can't put your finger on why something doesn't feel right, but the more experience you get in sex work the better you learn to listen to your intuition.
  • How often has a serious contact developed from one that only begins with "hi" or "hi" or "hey"? A sex worker did some research on this and the answer is: very rarely!
  • If a customer is very suspicious of you, can you trust him well?

Ask for a deposit:

  • A deposit has a certain risk because you have to give your payment information (your own name or your company name) first before you know if the other person is going to pay. For payments that do not reveal your name, see link
  • If someone is open to the idea of making a down payment (without you immediately providing payment details) it can already be a good sign.
  • With a deposit, you immediately have his real name in hand and the risk of a last-minute appointment falling through is much smaller.

Collect data:

  • A first name and a last name
  • A phone number
  • An email address
  • A city, possibly full address
  • A (profile) picture

Search the internet:

Any of these data you can use to screen.

  • Google by first name and last name. Too many results? Then try putting the word AND between the first name and last name. And maybe add a city to it.
  • Use Reverse Image Search (Google Images) to look up whether the photo appears elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Search on social media. Is there an account on any of the platforms? Think Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.
  • Look up a phone number in Google In addition, there are also registries such as Who called / Who called me / Who called to look into for a while.
  • Sometimes a phone number is linked to Facebook, you can sometimes also search on it (00316 plus the rest of the number that follows after the 06).
  • If you add the no to your contacts, you can view in Whatsapp if it has profile picture and you can view it again with Reverse Image Search. And you can view what name is given to the Whatsapp account.
  • Do you have the address then you can already look at Google Maps where you end up. If you end up in a business park, the other person will have some explaining to do.

Use various fakerlist websites.

In it you can search particularly for phone numbers, but also for other data such as email addresses and license plates.

(Video) calling

If you can call or even better video call with your potential customer then you already have a little more security.

Other tips from sex workers

  • Ask for a picture of the customer holding a piece of paper on which he has noted his name and the date (then he can't have plucked a picture from the Internet). Even better: have him hold a piece of mail from himself.
  • Ask a customer to send a dickpic, then at least you know it's not a police officer, because they don't do that.

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