Government and (failing) ICT

What is it?

In the Bill WRS it can be read that if sex workers do not have enough confidence in the security of the system they will go into illegality. Exactly this! The Government and ICT, that deserves distrust.

The Government thinks it can solve everything with digital projects. Surveillance as a means to any problem. Sometimes to score a quick political point. Society is left with the mess, because such projects cost much more effort (and money) than people think. And solve much less than one optimistically hopes.

Huib Modderkolk: "The Government is hopelessly behind in knowledge. If there is one lesson to be learned, it is that EVERY system can be penetrated.."

Rop Gongrijp: "The Internet is a fundamentally insecure place. Therefore, the government should stop putting privacy-sensitive data into databases for a change."

Types of incidents:

- Failing ICT projects (where many millions are wasted without results)
- A data breach (as a blunder)
- A data breach (intentionally caused by a third party)
- A hack

In addition, within ICT there is also such a thing as 'function creep'. These are data that are wrongly used for other/ more extensive purposes. A law is thus stretched a bit, putting more pressure on privacy. It is more of a habit than an exception. Someone thinks "how convenient, we can use that for something else". An example is the cameras used to enforce the environmental zones, but which also allowed the police to watch the traffic unfairly.


What can it mean for a sex worker?

 Your data could become part of a data breach or a hack. What data and how big the damage is then (if it has to do with sex work) is hard to predict.


What can you do?

On your own not so much... but if you still want to do something, becoming a member of Bits of Freedom a good step.


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