What is it?

Surveillance is the use of tools and techniques by governments for surveillance and monitoring of their citizens. Of course, Internet technology and surveillance cameras play a major role in this (since computers have become powerful enough for it). In a democracy, the government's main aim is to combat terrorism and crime. In less democratic countries, it is also often used to suppress minorities.

What can it mean for a sex worker?

Of course, it only gets scary when the data of a marginalized and stigmatized group, as sex work is, is already in a database and the country becomes less and less democratic.

What can you do?

Not so much in itself, but a little voting advice is not to vote for a party that is of the "Law and order" variety, because they always want more surveillance.

And of course you can become a member of Bits of Freedom, join a sex work organization, and get your own digital resilience up to speed.

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