Intertwined: SyRI and WGS

What is it?

SyRI stands for System Risk Indication. It ties together just about all the files of government services that contain data on citizens. You name it, it links recipients of benefits to their water consumption. Because it is not allowed to connect these files, they are disconnected in a black box and later connected again.

Fortunately the judge decided that the whole SyRI project was not allowed. But the government thought: we'll do it anyway and is now working on a Super-SyRI (the WGS, the Data Processing by Collaboratives Act).

What can it mean for a sex worker?

The WGS is a textbook example of a disaster in the making. Purely the fact that you are a sex worker will have a negative influence within that 'black box' because of the stigma. But it's really hard to find that out as a citizen.

What can you do?

If you think you got into trouble because of some data (just like it went with the people in the Toeslagen scandal) you can request what is known about you. This is your right under the AVG.

To make it a little easier, a tool has been developed to help you send a request to find out what data is known about you.

Or via: 

There is also the possibility of a Wob request. When a request for information that should be somewhere in documents about an administrative matter is addressed to an administrative body, then there is a Wob request.

The Digital Resilience Advisor is happy to help you with it individually if it seems too complicated to you.

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