Google yourself
  • Be familiar with what is known about you/about you online. Google yourself (by your real name, by your work name and by your work phone number) and see what is known about you. After that, ask Google Alerts in with your real name and with your working name. Maybe you have your own website, include that as well. Read how:
  • Google knows the 'right to privacy' in the search engine if you find your info in unwanted places. About 40% of the requests are granted. The info is then not gone from a website, there is nothing Google can do about that, only the search results. Read how: How do I use the forget-me right with search engines? (
  • There are some websites where you can look up which number called you. Unfortunately, sex workers are sometimes targeted by false reports on these websites. Who called / Who called me / Who called. If you have been mistakenly mentioned on such a website, contact the owner of the page and very likely the info will be taken down. Go all the way down the page and look for 'contact'.