What is it?

Registration is the recording of data. This used to be done in a card box, but nowadays it is done in a database in the computer.

Personal data includes all information about a person. Data that indirectly says something about someone is also personal data, e.g. the description of someone's tattoos.

There are "ordinary" personal data (think name, address and phone number) and there are special personal data. Examples include data about someone's race, health data and data relating to someone's sexual behavior. These fall under the extra protection of the AVG and you may not just register them and put them in a database.

The professional sexual life of a sex worker is also a special personal data and may only be registered after permission from the Personal Data Authority. This was decided by the court in 2018. Only if there is a very important reason to process them, it cannot be done in another way, and otherwise the purpose would not be achieved, an exception can sometimes be made.


What can it mean for a sex worker?

So far The AVG sex workers protected from (forced) registration as sex workers, for example by the municipality. Unfortunately, the ban on registration is now under pressure due to the motion by Wiersma (VVD). The motion wants there to be a rationale for allowing the data to be processed anyway, this was turned into a bill called the Municipal Supervision of Sex Businesses Act (Wgts).

It will get worse when the WRS gets through and sex workers are forced to register in a special national database.


What can you do?

A internet consultation to express your views on the Wgts, you can still read the responses.

And ran a internet consultation to express your views on the WRS, you can read some of the responses on the SexworkExpertise website.

Furthermore, you may not be able to do much on your own, but there are organizations who stand up for the interests of sex workers and put pressure on politicians behind the scenes. You could join an organization and be stronger together.


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