Mobile ATM

What is it

Sex workers also need to checkout with their customers using a debit or credit card. A mobile pin was already in circulation for sex workers in the Red Light District, but when that company wanted to go public, the sex workers were thrown out.

What it can mean for a sex worker

Office Boomsteeg (on the Red Light District) reports on June 29, 2023:

"BREAKING: after years of being refused by all payment service providers, as of this week sex workers can finally legally have an ATM machine again and allow their clients to use debit cards!"


It is very specifically about this product:

Sex workers can apply by clicking the link "Active in the Adult sector? Click here." Registration process takes ~1.5 hours and it works immediately after that.

Of course, a statement will show the name of your company as registered with the Chamber of Commerce. You have to want that, but in return, the name of the customer will also appear on a statement.

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