Car registration number
  • Do you drive to customers with your car and wonder what someone can find out with your license plate of your car? They can't just find out your address, unless someone on the Darkweb manages to find the big hacks of license plates from the RDW (via the company RDC). If you drive a leased car the only thing that comes up is that it is a leased car.
  • A car's license plate is personal data according to the AVG as soon as people have access to the license plate.
  • Parking around the corner as much as possible so your car and license plate are not seen is pretty handy as a precaution.
  • Does someone seem to know your route well and know what car you are driving? It seems far-fetched, unless you're being stalked, but can there be a GPS tracker under the car.
  • Unfortunately, GPS trackers (such as the SmartTag or the AirTag) can also be sneaked into your bag. Therefore, always pay very close attention to your belongings when you are with a client. 
  • By the way, your license plate is registered in more than 300 places (for 28 days). Particularly on the highway, the ANPR cameras. ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Of the 300 license plate cameras, 55 take sharper pictures and can also photograph the occupants of a car. This can lead to a car with Romanian license plates with a man behind the wheel and three women as co-drivers being pulled over.